Tuesday, June 30, 2009

themed weddings rudiments

The first thing to consider is whether you want a live band or a DJ to perform at your wedding. Large venues such as catering halls make an elegant wedding location but for a more intimate gathering you might want to consider hosting your wedding either at your own home or the home of a close friend or relative.

The first thing to agree on in a wedding is price or budget. If you are a traditionalist, then the bridal shower should be held at the maid of honor's home. Make sure you get a few people to proof read your invitations because it is easy to overlook a mistake on your invitation when you know what the invitation should say.

Using medieval language during the ceremony and in the vows is another way to incorporate a medieval theme. Again, compromise may be necessary to find a style that will work for all of the bridesmaids. If you wish, include a map of how to reach the location.

While it is important to speak from the heart, it's also important to make sure that no one who has really gone out of their way to assist the couple is left out of the thank you speech. You really have to know the bride-to-be well in order to make sure you choose the right activities and gifts for the bridal shower.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

plus size wedding dresses the nuts and bolts

Although the wedding rings that the couple exchanges can be considered gifts, many brides choose to honor their groom with an additional gift that suits his personality. Many nationalities have their own wedding traditions.

There are many ideas for wedding gifts that the bride to be probably does not have on her registry. Citrus punch is a favorite in the summertime and many women in citrus producing states love this easy to make recipe simply because it can be made from lemons and oranges that are growing in their own backyards. Showers are given to include the men and gifts are becoming less traditional.

CD's are also a thoughtful gift because you know your groomsmen will enjoy but do not already own shows that you really put an effort into choosing the gift. While all of those reasons are worthwhile perhaps the most important reason to hire a car for the night is to ensure that everyone arrives safely at their destination. If the bride wants to wear white even though it is her second wedding, she should go ahead and do so.

God bless you both who drink this mead, may it always fill your every need. Remember that a shower usually takes at least eight weeks to plan, so give your self plenty of time to make necessary preparations.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

wedding reception ideas for beginners

It is the job of the hostess to make sure that the bride has a pleasant time and that they guests are taken care of. The appearance, wording and formality of your wedding invitation all contribute to the impressions that your guests form about your wedding before the even decide whether or not they will attend.

The traditional best man's toast is a verbal speech that is given early in the reception. One of the easiest ways to handle a multi-cultural wedding is to allow one culture to dominate the wedding ceremony while the other culture dominates the wedding reception. A photo album is a wonderful gift idea because the bridesmaid can place her photos from the wedding day in the album and will always have a precious souvenir from your wedding day.

If you hold a shower in the late afternoon, you will not be expected to cater a large meal. A brunch will be easier to plan than a shower that is held late in the evening when a meal is expected. If a caterer does not offer tasting sessions, strike them off your list immediately unless you have tasted their food at previous weddings.

Planning a bridal shower can see daunting because there are so many options but it is important to remember that you are not bound by traditions and are free to choose any theme, menu and location that the bride will enjoy. This is a beautiful yet inconspicuous way to wear blue on your wedding day to ensure fidelity.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wedding reception decorations - take some time to enjoy your wedding

The traditional Russian wedding ceremony does not have many traditions and many couples opt for a simple civil service that is not widely attended by their friends and relatives. Many women have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little girls.

If you have friends and family members who are willing to help out, you can delegate many of these tasks to reduce the stress of the final week before your wedding. If you have been to a number of weddings in your area and were pleased by the floral arrangements you may want to consider contacting the host of that wedding to find out who they used as their florist. You may also be able to use the suite or chapel for a limited time to host a small reception following the wedding ceremony.

If you are planning to have the surprise bridal shower at the bride-to-be's home, you don't want her to walk in on you while you are decorating, so make sure the guests are in on the surprise. A men's perfume or fragrance can be another unique gift idea for the groomsmen. The homeowner may begin to feel a great deal of stress related to preparing the home for the wedding.

Remember, co-writing your vows with your partner is a great way for writing meaningful vows. If you have a large family or many friends and plan to have many guests then hosting your wedding in a private home may not be a feasible option.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

beach wedding dresses - wedding planning is fun

A wedding hosted at a private home can be a lovely and memorable affair that is sure to be enjoyed by all of the guests. The best man traditionally offers the first toast at a wedding.

Since most couples choose the location for their wedding before considering their catering options, it is important to ask about the venues policies regarding outside caterers. Simple glass bowls can be used as centerpieces and filled with a few colorful glass marbles along with some water and an exotic and colorful fish. Giving the couple a collection of board games as a wedding gift can lead to many nights of fun for the couple and their friends.

It is also important to partition a small amount of money for incidentals to account for small unexpected expenses. The invitations you choose can have any look or feel that you like. During the ceremony the best man lends his support by standing beside the groom in a display of solidarity.

When sending out bridal shower invitations, be sure to include all of the vital information. Florida offers an assortment of entertainment options from beaches to theme parks and nightclubs.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

find wedding gifts the essentials

The first tip for dealing with cold feet leading up to your wedding is simply to relax and realize that this happens to a lot of people in your situation. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to having a destination wedding.

Finding the perfect dress can take quite a bit of time and once you find the dress, it may take up to four months for the dress to be ordered and shipped to the store. While incorporating a theme into a wedding can be a lot of fun, it's important to not go too overboard with the theme because the results could be extremely tacky. There are many tips for turning your destination wedding into a fun-filed extended weekend for your guests.

When you talk to other people they may even confess similar feelings which helps you to realize that cold feet are completely natural. The other advantage to hosting a wedding in your home is the warm casual atmosphere that it provides for your guests. One common practice involving these adjunct parties is to have the bachelors and bachelorettes meet at separate restaurants for dinner and then join each other at a nightclub to cap off the night with some dancing and a few drinks.

Remember, co-writing your vows with your partner is a great way for writing meaningful vows. The video allows him to practice his speech and record it over and over again until it is perfect.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

creative wedding cakes - wedding planning made easy

Preparing bridal shower invitations can be a huge chore, especially if you are inviting a large amount of guests. Bridal showers have become a bit of a bad reputation, and why so many invitees are sending their regrets and a gift certificate.

If this is something that you think your groomsmen will fully enjoy then by all means go out and buy them the most attractive silver or leather flask that you can find. Early in the week before your wedding you will want to confirm all of your honeymoon arrangements such as transportation, hotels and any other special plans you have made for your honeymoon destination such as excursions, dinner reservations or lessons. Many couples are starting their life together and will need a few basic utensils and kitchen gadgets to get them started.

Arranging the flowers in a vase is nice but long stemmed flowers such as calla lilies also look very attractive tied with twine or ribbon and simply laid in the center of the table. If you want to focus on the bride and want a gift to make her feel special you could get her a gift basket of bubble bath and other great smelling lotions and such. Another creative gift for a wedding is a personalized calendar.

And be sure to give your guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend. The more involved they are, the less likely they are to feel left out and resentful about the wedding.

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